Worried that you’ve pushed your twin away...again?

I know you are scared as fuck that he won't call you.

You are stuck in yet another loop of over-analyzing, overthinking, and obsessing
about everything he said or didn’t say, did or didn’t do.

You think about him ALL THE TIME.

He triggers ALL of your abandonment, trust, self-esteem and rejection issues.

He drives you insane because you can't control him...but you keep trying to do so.

You have complained about him bitterly to your friends and anyone who will listen...

....and you still want him SO BADLY.


Sometimes you wonder if you're just crazy. Maybe he isn't your twin and this relationship is just in your head?

You feel embarrassed and ashamed that you can’t get your shit together and just get over him...

But you know the signs -- and this love has ALL the markers of a Twin Flame relationship.

Electric attraction.
Ego struggle.
Running and chasing.
Telepathic bond. 
Spiritual 5D sex.
Seeing the repeated number 111.


You are trying to be grateful for the lessons. To shine your light. Stick to positivity. Keep your faith.

And yet… you are so tired of being held back by strings from your past.

You are ready to embark on your destiny and grow old together, so what is taking so long?

You’re fucking tired of hurting, tired of longing and waiting for him to make up his mind.

Perhaps you wonder:

“Should I just give up and settle down
with a soulmate instead

viona forrest fairy hands

I totally understand if you want to pull an emergency brake on this journey. But, no matter how hopeless it feels, you can turn this around!

You see, trying to get a commitment from a man -- with no strategy other than watching YouTube videos and astrology forecasts, getting psychic or tarot readings, or patiently waiting for him to come around -- isn't going to help you get the reunion you so badly desire.

It's your 3D programming, full of self-doubt and second guesses about your worth, that has you believing that he’s rejecting you, abandoning you, unable to forgive you, always upset or annoyed with you, unappreciative of you, or unable to love the real you...

Your current paradigm will create a self-fulfilling prophecy and make him withdraw. That's why I have created this powerful program that will help you end the karma cycle between you, so you can become your most confident, radiant self -- and keep your twin in love forever.

Ready to Create Some Real Magic?

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You will learn how to let go of attachment to outcomes, your limiting beliefs, and your fears of intimacy from the past. You will gain unstoppable confidence and transform yourself into an attraction magnet for the man who is meant only for you -- your Twin Flame.

Step by step, you will master your thoughts from a stance of feminine empowerment and detachment, erase all bad experiences, every fight and every hard word, and get out of obsession and into liberation.

This program is ALL you will need to awaken your Twin Flame, understand what he lusts after, and inspire him to step up so that you can manifest the blissful reunion you desire ...




MODULE 1: Level Up Your Paradigm

    • Get rid of limiting beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting your desired intentions

    • Let go of your anger and pain from the past, and prepare yourself, emotionally and spiritually, for reunion

    • Soften your ego and end your struggle with codependency and obsession

    • Know the difference between a true Twin Flame and a false twin flame so you never settle for crumbs in love again


MODULE 2: Spark His Masculinity

  • Learn the archetypal roles: wounded masculine, wounded feminine, divine masculine, and divine feminine, so you can understand what’s secretly causing separation, drama, and heartbreak and finally shift back into your power

  • Understand what the commitment process looks like for the divine masculine mind

  • Stop the toxic pattern of seeing him withdraw when you need him the most and let go of the impulse to nag or blame him

  • Embrace your Divine Feminine energy, even if you are a strong, independent single mum with lots of responsibilities and chores

MODULE 3: Lean Back

  • Recognize the 3 Common Mistakes that are killing his attraction to you

  • Fully let go of any lingering un-Goddessy behaviors and let go of all attachments to outcome

  • Make your mind STOP thinking about your Twin Flame every bloody minute of the day

  • Stop being paralyzed by the fear of  “What if he leaves me?” or “Am I good enough?” and, instead, develop the tools to turn that doubt around in a flash.


MODULE 4: Know Your Worth

  • Learn the most powerful way to inspire your twin to text you, call you, spend more time with you, prioritize you, and tell you he loves you and ONLY you

  • Feel more patient, confident, and vibratingly sexy than ever before and become irresistible in his eyes.

  • Gain the well-proven “No Second Place” speech that will awaken a Twin Flame who is married or in a karmic relationship and inspire him to give you the commitment you desire

  • Stop settling for crumbs, low quality men, low-vibe relationships, and confusion about what you truly want in love



4 in-depth modules

4 powerful worksheets

4+ hours of audio content

1 guided meditation with RAW channeling*
*recorded live with no music for a deeper experience

+ Bonuses

Audio: How To Become Irresistible On Facebook & Get Your Twin To Unblock You

A Live Group Q&A Session With Me*

viona trappa cool

BONUS: A Live Group Q&A Session With Viona*

When you have worked through the 4 modules, you are welcome to ask me your final question: about the material or a new awareness, or to get feedback on your Twin Flame journey.

And you can listen in as powerful women, just like you, ask questions to which you’re dying to know the answer.

This special live call will be through Facebook live stream; and it’s your opportunity to ask me any unique question you have and to receive personalized coaching and guidance.

PLUS, you’ll get a full video recording of this live call so that you can watch it as many times as you’d like; or, if you can’t make the live call, you won’t miss what we talk about!

*The date of the Q&A session will be May 15. More information about the call will be delivered upon registration.

If you feel ready and more excited with each moment that passes, then I invite you to dive into this journey with me and become a powerful creator of your own reality.

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Back to the struggle and that heavy feeling in you heart. Back to the over-analyzing that keeps you up at night. Back to crying alone in bed. Back to the possibility that you’ll wake up one day, years from now, and realize that you are still trapped in a painful runner and chaser cycle that never seems to end ...


You are ready for the transformation you have been seeking for a long time.

Act now and I will mentor you to your Twin Flame reunion.

I’ll see YOU in the Awaken Him Program!


P.S. You don’t have to let ANXIETY have its way with you anymore. You can become a confident, feminine woman, a woman he can’t help but to fall in love with.

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